Four Perfect Ways to Explore Costa Rica with Kids

As one of the most naturally beautiful and ecologically diverse countries on the planet, it’s no surprise that Costa Rica is a popular tourist destination. And thanks to its low crime rate, peaceful civil society, and democratic government, the country is also a top choice for Costa Rica family vacations.

If you’ve ever considered a family vacation in Costa Rica, here are four great activities you can enjoy along with your kids:

Horseback Riding

The Manuel Antonio National Forest may be one of the country’s smallest, but there are good reasons why it is a top destination for Costa Rica family travels. A pristine wonderland of colorful birds, beautiful flowering plants, and exotic wildlife, the Manuel Antonio National Forest receives thousands of visitors per year. But when you explore this national park on horseback, you get to see a side that few other people see, including access to hidden trails that lead to spectacular yet uncrowded beaches.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

One of the fastest growing water sports in the world, stand up paddling (often abbreviated as SUP) looks a bit like surfing. But instead of riding waves into shore, SUP involves standing upright on a large board and steering it with a long paddle, similar to how gondoliers in Venice operate their boats. SUP tours of the coastline and estuaries allows families to tour areas off-limits to boats and watercraft with noisy engines that can spook the wildlife.

Visiting the Nauyacan Waterfalls

Just 20 minutes from the Endless Olas Costa Rica surf camp are the Nauyacan Waterfalls. A collection of gorgeous cataracts that tumble down the side of a jungle cliff, the Nauyacan Waterfalls are perfect places for kids to play. Adults and kids can slide down sections of the waterfall, much like a water slide, into large pools of sparkling clean water or simply relax in the ample pools below the falls. And more adventurous kids and adults can leap from one of the many cliffs into the water below.


Surfing is also a popular choice for family vacations. Getting out on the water under a clear blue sky while improving hand-eye coordination and balance is a valuable experience for children and adults alike. The tidal patterns of the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica mean that there are always perfect waves to be found. Local surf schools specialize in teaching even first-timers how to get up and ride the board on their first day. 

Endless Olas is one of Costa Rica’s premier surf camps. With expert local coaches providing tailored instructions to surfers of all levels, Endless Olas has years of expertise in creating unforgettable surfing and nature exploration experiences. And with advanced water safety training and gentle swells perfect for beginners, Costa Rica surfing for kids is a fantastic way for families to enjoy the great outdoors together.

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