If you’re looking to book an unforgettable Costa Rica surfing adventure, train at a Costa Rica surf camp, or experience the sheer beauty of surfing in Costa Rica, let Endless Olas be your guide.

There’s a good reason why celebrities and surfing pros from around the world head to the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The Costa Rica surf experience is unique because it has regular waves all year-round in a spectacularly beautiful setting. But even if you’ve never tried to climb on a surf board before, surfing Costa Rica is definitely the right place to begin.

In order to surf Costa Rica, it’s essential to know where to go. Endless Olas has exclusive access to some of the best river mouths, beaches, and breaks to make sure that every surfer can get right to the best waves. Costa Rica is uniquely blessed by having two different global currents rotate every six months to bring regular waves to the Pacific Coast. The waves on the Pacific are not the largest in the world, but they are very consistent as they benefit from low pressure systems that begin life off the coast of New Zealand.

It is true that there is also good surfing on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica but the season is usually shorter there and waves can be bigger due to swells from tropical storms off the coast of Mexico.

From April to October, surfers can enjoy a steady supply of major swells, but between December and April is when swells combine with offshore winds to provide a uniquely “clean” surf experience. Although the weather and tides change every day, morning surfs are generally offshore while afternoon surfs are light onshore, so true surfing enthusiasts generally rise early in order to make the most of a classic glassy session.

Our Varied and Secluded Surf Breaks Offer the Best Experience on Any Given Day and for Each Surfer.

We have access to several breaks. They all break differently with the swells which provides us with the ability to find the perfect wave on any given day. All of our weeks are custom catered to our surfers and we can travel to various breaks in order to accommodate any level. Most importantly, we take you to secluded breaks where you can surf on your own. No crowds for our surfers.

Below are a few of our surf breaks that you will enjoy when you stay with us.

Surf Dominical

Dominical is one of the most consistent beach breaks that you will find. No matter the swell or time of year, there are ALWAYS waves in Dominical. The waves break both left and right, offering nice options for all surfers. There are several beach breaks within Dominical, including the main beach and Dominicalito.

Due to the varied choice of breaks, this area is perfect for all surfers from beginners to advanced. Advanced surfers can often enjoy beautiful barrels in Dominical. At Dominicalito, intermediate surfers will find nice, slow, rolling waves that are forgiving and offer the perfect opportunity to work on turns and technique. We also coach beginners here on a daily basis.

Finally, this break is uncrowded, where you can surf on your own and focus on yourself without concern for crowds. We have travelled the world surfing and unfortunately have found that this is a rarity. But it is a rarity that you will enjoy with us.

Surf Isla Damas

This is true Costa Rica at its finest. The access to this beach break is by a quick river crossing via boat and then a drive down the beach which stretches for miles. The beach is completely secluded and we own beachfront property. As you drive down the uninhabited stretch of beach you will find astonishing beauty and a completely unique and special experience.

This is also a beach break with right and left breaking waves. Barrels are not uncommon here. This beach is best for intermediate and advanced surfers as it usually enjoys a greater impact from the swells (though there is a spot closer to the crossing that is appropriate for beginners no matter the swell).

There are few places in the world where surfers can enjoy great waves and astonishing beauty without any people or distractions. it is a special way to see the real Costa Rica while surfing.

Surf Quepos Rivermouth

When there is a swell this spot produces an epic, gorgeous and long left wave. The mouth allows surfers to paddle around the wave to get out and into the line-up. This wave breaks best at low tide so it provides a good option for a double surf session after (or before) hitting up one of the other breaks at high-tide. This break can be good for all levels and is a great sunset surf option.

Surf Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is a long beach with a beach break along the entire stretch. A swell is necessary for this to break best. Playitas is the best option along Manuel Antonio beach. Playitas is located at the far end of Manuel Antonio beach and is a popular break for locals. It is less frequented than the main part of Manuel Antonio beach and has nice left and right waves.

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Surfing Costa Rica

4 Coasts of Unbelievable Surf in Costa Rica

The Caribbean

The eastern part of the country may be less famous as a surf mecca than the western coast, but quality surfing is available on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. The surfing season is usually quite short compared to other areas, and the majority of the waves are the result of tropical storms that start further north in Mexico. Nonetheless, the storm-produced waves are often the biggest ones available in Costa Rica and are popular with experienced surfers.

The surfing focus on the Caribbean coast lies around Puerto Viejo (sometimes known as Salsa Brava). A small but resilient coral reef causes breaks large enough to carry up to two dozen surfers. Situated in Limon Province, Puerto Viejo is a small town with excellent surfing opportunities immediately offshore. Nearby is the town of Westfalia that also enjoys plenty of good breaks but can sometimes become treacherous thanks to riptides and jellyfish infestations.

North Pacific Coast

Centered around Guanacaste Province, the North Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is a mecca for tourists, both the surfing and non-surfing variety drawn to the region for its bio-diversity and natural beauty.

Perhaps the most popular surfing spot in the area is Playa Naranjo (literally “Orange Beach”), known by locals as “Witch’s Rock,” which enjoys strong winds and big breaks between December and March. Not a developed area with resorts and hotels, the Witch’s Rock area is home to several surf schools.

Other nearby hotspots for surfing include Playa Grande (“Big Beach”) and Playa Tamarindo with waters suitable for swimming and quiet beaches perfect for relaxing in the sun. Swells are fairly consistent if not world record-breakers in this area. The most thrilling spot is found in nearby Playa Negra (“Black Beach”) that enjoys a right-hand break that produces reliably powerful waves.

Central Pacific Coast

Popular thanks to its easy access from the national capital of San Jose, the Central Pacific Coast region of Costa Rica is a great place to combine surfing with other vacation attractions.

Boca Barranca (literally “Barranca Mouth”) is a beach in this region that enjoys a reliable left-hand break at the river mouth that produces wives over half a mile long. Popular with long board enthusiasts, the nearby beach is quite popular so surfers are encouraged to arrive early to avoid the crowds of sunbathers and fellow surfers.

Another top spot for surfing in this area is Playa Escondida (literally “Hidden Beach”). The beach is private property belonging to a local beach club, so, if you’re not a member, you’ll have to rent a boat or catch a ride to get out to the deeper waters where the best waves are breaking. This beach is ideal when surfing at high tide, so be sure to consult a time table before heading out.

Hermosa Beach (literally “Beautiful Beach”) is a longer finger of land jutting out into the ocean, a unique landmass that produces regular swells. The beach is several miles long, so crowding is usually not an isue. The best breaks occur immediately adjacent to a sandbar with a big tree known locally as the “Almendro,” so be sure to ask a local to help you find it because it is definitely worth attempting.

South Pacific Coast

In contrast to the more well-developed tourist areas, the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica is one of its most pristine natural areas with huge tracts of rainforest. Transportation options to the area are limited, but surfing enthusiasts will be well-rewarded for their efforts.

Playa Dominical and a number of nearby areas just beyond the Manuel Antonio National Forest enjoy some of the most picturesque backdrops of any surf spot in the country. The Baru and Quepos River mouths in combination with regular swells provide plenty of exciting surf action for surfers of all abilities. This isolated area of the country is at the nexus where two global currents meet, enjoying very consistent swells suitable for world-class surfing.

One additional popular spot in this region of Costa Rica is Pavones, a left-hand break point that provides world-record long rides. Popular with backpackers and campers due to a lack of tourism infrastructure, Pavones regularly produces rides lasting up to a mile in length. Be aware, however, that surfing in this area is unpredictable. Bigger and more consistent waves can usually be found between April and November.

Cabo Patapalo is the counterpoint to Pavones, located just across the bay. Enjoying the same access to ocean swells, Matapola takes a bit more work to get to, so it is far less crowded. Ideal for beginners wanting space to practice their surfing skills, Cabo Matapalo is worth the long trip overland.

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