All-Inclusive – Your Customized Costa Rica Surf Vacation Package

We take care of almost everything when you get here so that you can focus on surfing and enjoying Costa Rica.

We will customize your surfing vacation to meet your desires.

Though we have many options for you throughout the week, we recognize that you are on vacation and that this is your chance to get away from your hectic and over-scheduled life. Therefore, we are very laid-back about you choosing to participate in whatever you wish to do throughout the week. This is Costa Rica after all and we embrace the tranquila lifestyle.

Choose from one of these many Costa Rica surfing packages as shown below.

Dominical Standard Surfing Package / Dominical Budget Surfing Package / Isla Damas Surf Package / Explore Costa Rica Surf Package / Spanish Lesson and Surf Package / Customized Surf Package /Stand Up Paddle Board Package

Dominical Standard Surfing Package

We will have daily surf sessions at one of our many available surf breaks. This will include 5 lessons for the 7-night stays and 3 lesson for the four day package. This also includes surf equipment (surfboards, rash guards, etc)

Dominical Budget Surfing Package

We will have daily surf sessions at one of our many available surf breaks. This will include 5 lessons for the 7-night stays and 3 lesson for the four day package. This also includes surf equipment (surfboards, rash guards, etc).

Isla Damas Surf Package

Three meals will be provided daily (with the exception of the free day of surfing during which day you will be free for your own lunch and dinner). Our food is prepared only by the best Costa Rican chefs in order to provide you with delicious, authentic cuisine.

Explore Costa Rica Surf Package

This package is for the adventurous soul. Costa Rica certainly has MANY great places to surf and if you want to see more of the entire country than this is the package for you.

Spanish Lesson and Surf Package

Inquire about including Spanish language lessons to any of our packages.

Customized Surf Package

We are a highly customized vacation option and can accommodate any need or desire from different accommodations (luxury options, private houses, rustic options), varying length stays, budgets, additional or different activities, etc. Don’t surf, no problem.

Stand Up Paddle Board Package

Experience the best Stand Up Paddle Boarding tours along the south pacific of Dominical. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is one of the fastest growing watersports on the planet today and it is easy, healthy, and a great workout activity that the whole family can enjoy together.

Costa Rica Surf Vacations | All Inclusive Surfing Packages

With its stunningly beautiful and unspoiled nature, fantastic year-round weather, and consistent swells, it’s no wonder that so many people are choosing a Costa Rica surf vacation.

Endless Olas is the premiere Costa Rica surf camp, offering beginners and experts alike a chance to enjoy some of the best break points, consistent waves, and natural scenery anywhere on the planet. With its staff of experienced local coaches, Endless Olas offers surfing lessons ideal both for people who have never once tried surfing and for seasoned surfers who want to up their game.

Endless Olas has a selection of all-inclusive surfing packages that include lodging at our base camp at Casa Tranquila (Spanish for “The House of Peace”), three delicious meals a day prepared by a local chef (we are more than happy to accommodate special dietary needs), massages for relaxing after a long day in the ocean, yoga classes, and, of course, comprehensive surfing lessons.

Our team of expert coaches will teach you both wave theory and surf mechanics that you can practice in the pool before heading out into the ocean to put into use. Every student will be filmed during lessons, and coaches will review these and go over the footage with each student to provide constructive feedback.

Endless Olas also organizes surfing trips that include a chance to enjoy some of the other exciting nearby attractions like sea kayaking, horseback riding, rafting, fishing, riding a zip-line through the jungle, caving, playing soccer with locals, picnicking at waterfalls, and hiking through the pristine wilderness of Manuel Antonio National Park.

Whether you’re looking for a complete surf vacation package, a chance to master the wonderful sport of surfing with lessons from our local experts, or include surfing as part of an unforgettable Costa Rica vacation, Endless Olas can help you.

For reservations or any inquiries please contact us at We will do our best to answer you as quickly as possible.


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