Costa Rica

About Costa Rica

Famed for its spectacularly beautiful scenery and thriving bio-diverse ecosystems, the Central American nation of Costa Rica is considered by many to be a paradise on Earth. Visitors can roam deserted beaches, hike along the rims of volcanoes, and plunge into pristine rainforests and jungles.

The Pure Life

La Pura Vida, the unofficial slogan of Costa Rica, refers to every aspect of life: the unspoiled nature, the abundance of fresh foods, the gorgeous weather, and an easygoing peaceful way of life that make Costa Rica such an attractive destination. Used as a catchall greeting and mantra, the concept of la pura vida is the hallmark of a country that has a stable, peaceful democracy and no military.

A Peaceful Oasis

Being one of the most popular vacation and adventure destinations in the world, Costa Rica welcomes visitors with warm smiles, open arms, and acceptance. The reliance on tourism and eco-friendly industries allows Costa Rica to focus on providing first class services for its residents and visitors, including advanced medical centers and hospitals, well maintained infrastructure, and a network of protected parks and nature reserves.

The Wild Life in Costa Rica

A staggering 10% of all known butterflies live in Costa Rica, and the country is home to some of the most varied and diverse ecosystems anywhere on the planet. More than 500,000 species of wildlife call Costa Rica home, including 175 species of amphibians, 8,000 species of moths, 225 species of reptiles, and 250 species of mammals including monkeys and sloths roam the enormous nature reserves and parks that compromise 27% of the country’s land mass. But the wildlife that draws the most visitors are the astounding 840 species of birds that live in Costa Rica or migrate to the small Central American nation on their annual journeys.

Surfing in Costa Rica

Although areas of the world like California, Hawaii and Australia are perhaps more famous, Costa Rica enjoys some of the finest surfing spots anywhere. Thanks to favorable Pacific Ocean currents and an accommodating coastline, the beaches in southwestern Costa Rica are blessed with an abundance of consistent waves that range from gentle swells ideal for beginning surfers to larger barrels that can challenge the skills of even the most seasoned surfer.

Surf schools and camps like Endless Olas in the village of Dominical offers beginning and experienced surfers alike the chance to practice their skills in one of the most beautiful locations in Costa Rica.