The Real Costa Rica

We believe that you have chosen to surf in Costa Rica, of all places, for a reason. Costa Rica not only offers amazing waves but also a unique culture and renowned natural beauty. We want you to experience ALL of the uniqueness that Costa Rica has to offer from the best surf breaks, to the local places and events and of course the unsurpassed splendor of the country. We have carefully arranged a week-long schedule of options that combines solid surf coaching with unique Costa Rican experiences and activities. AND, though we have many options for you throughout the week, we recognize that you are on vacation and that this is your chance to get away from your hectic and over-scheduled life. Therefore, we are very laid-back about you choosing to participate in whatever you wish to do throughout the week. This is Costa Rica, after all, and we embrace the tranquila lifestyle. You make this the vacation and stay whatever you want it to be. We customize for each person.

Luis Gatgens, co-founder of surf camp, was born and raised in Costa Rica. He has surfed at our breaks since he was a young child. He has exceptional knowledge of the surf breaks, the nature and wildlife and of unique local events. We employ many local instructors, who also possess incredible knowledge of the area, as well as a local chef that will provide you with our finest Costa Rican cuisine.

Nobody wants to surf while battling with other surfers for a wave, right? Our local knowledge ensures that you will be surfing without the crowds that are found at so many breaks around the world these days. This will allow you to solely concentrate on your own surf progression while experiencing the peace and serenity of the ocean and the gorgeous landscape of Costa Rica. We know the best breaks for any given surfer and any given day.