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After enjoying world-class surfing with Endless Olas, you can enjoy a wide variety of complementary activities to get the complete “Tico” experience.

For instance, you’ll feel your stresses and cares drain away when you hear the gentle crash of the waves as they hit the beach while your muscles are gently kneaded by a professional masseuse. Or, if you prefer, you can also take a trip to a nearby natural hot spring.

Another great way to explore the beauty of Costa Rican nature is with a horseback tour. And whether on foot or on horseback, one of the country’s most popular parks to visit is the Manuel Antonio National Park. And, although thousands of people visit the Manuel Antonio National Park every year, very few of them realize that the park has several hidden beaches. On the Endless Olas tour, you’ll hike through the lush jungle until you reach some of the most spectacular and uncrowded beaches in the entire country

If you’re looking for another way to experience the beauty of the waters in Costa Rica, kayaking allows you to spot animals and birds in their natural habitat without spooking them. Or you can choose to see the water from a different perspective when you explore the hidden waterways and estuaries of the coast from aboard a stand up paddleboard

On dry land, great options include yoga. As one of humanity’s oldest and most rejuvenating arts, yoga is the process of centering your mind, body, and soul. What better place to enjoy this ancient practice than on the beach, surrounded by pristine nature?

For more exciting thrills, the nearby national park is home to rivers like the Coto Brus, Naranjo, Savegre, and Guabo, each with their own unique challenges for visitors who dare to brave their rapids. Class IV rapids are available for experienced rafters.

And located just 20 minutes from Endless Olas, the Nauyacan Waterfalls is one of the most beautiful cataracts in all of Central America. On this tour, you can relax in the natural pools below the waterfall or brave a jump from one of the many cliffs into the water below.


Endless Olas is the premiere surf school in Costa Rica.

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Endless Olas is the premiere Costa Rica surf

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