Nauyacan Waterfall and Surf Excursion

(Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

(Ages: All – Child – Adult)

Price For Half Day Waterfall Only: $100/Person

Minimum Number of People: 2PPL (Price with only 1 person is $150/Person)

Price For Full Day Waterfall and Surf: $189/Person

Minimum Number of People: 2PPL (Price with only 1 person is $239/Person)

Tour description:

Explore the spectacularly breathtaking Nauyacan Waterfall. The Nauyacan Waterfall is located about 20 minutes from Dominical, deep into the heart of the tropical jungle. This magnificent waterfall has two sets of falls measuring a combined 61 meters (200ft) tall and large natural pools.

Though this site can be rather remote, MASS makes this excursion an easy and fun one. The tour will begin with hotel pick-up and the 25-minute drive to Dominical. From there the group will traverse through scenic back roads and into the hills enjoying grand views of the ocean, mountains and jungle on the road to reach the trail to the waterfall. While many visitors to the Nauyacan have to take a 2-hour trail by foot or horseback, MASS will bring the tour group to their own secret trail that provides quicker and easier access. From there, the group will enjoy a short hike with a beautiful river crossing to reach the waterfall from a difference entrance.  The hike will culminate into a wide canyon with lush greenery where guests will be awestruck by the magnificent cascading falls.  Once at the Nauyacan there will be the chance to enjoy the view, take pictures, swim in the refreshing natural pool, walk underneath the falls and even climb and jump off of the many cliffs. At this time a picnic snack on the side of the waterfall will be provided. After enjoying this amazing natural wonder, a delicious lunch of typical Costa Rican food will follow and the return trip will ensue.

This Nauyacan Excursion has an option as a half day trip with only the waterfall tour or a full day outing including a surf lesson in Dominical as outlined in the Dominical Surf and Tour description.