10 Things to Ask When Picking a Surf Camp in Costa Rica

With generously reliable waves suitable for every skill level and one of the most beautiful natural locations in the world, Costa Rica has become a top destination for surfers. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or have not yet had the chance to experience the magical feeling of being atop a surfboard, it is important to choose the right surf camp.

Below are 10 things to consider when picking a surf camp in Costa Rica:

Consistent Waves – Tided and time wait for no man but some surf locations are blessed with consistent waves, giving students the maximum opportunity to practice and enjoy riding waves.

Crowding – The best wave in the world is no good to you if there are too many other surfers waiting in line to ride it. A good surf camp will have access to uncrowded breaks to make sure you get first access to the good waves.

Experienced Teachers – Anyone who can ride a board can call themselves a surf instructor so be sure to choose a camp that has a roster of professional surfers who have experience in teaching others how to ride waves.

Surfing Equipment – Surfing equipment is cumbersome and difficult to transport on long-distance flights. A quality surf camp will provide everything you need, right down to the board wax.

Certified Coaches – A quality surf coach is more than a good teacher. He or she needs to be certified to provide first aid, CPR and emergency medical assistance.

Community – The culture and community of a surf camp go beyond time in the water. A quality surf camp will have experienced locals on their staff who will help you make the most of your time when you’re on dry land.

Student to Teacher Ratio – A low ratio means that you’ll get plenty of personalized attention from your coach as you learn to master the art of riding waves.

Transportation – A quality surf camp will arrange for all of your transportation needs, starting with a pick-up at the airport and sojourns into town for extracurricular activities.

Surf Locations – Good surfing locations are jealously guarded, and the best surf camps will have access to secluded, private areas with excellent breaks to make sure that you optimize your time in the water.

Beyond Surfing – Surfing is incredibly fun but many campers also want to explore all of the natural beauty and exciting destinations elsewhere in Costa Rica. A good surf camp will arrange for guided tours to all of the best spots in the country.

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