Learn how to Surf on a Costa Rica Vacation This Summer

When is the Best Time to Take Surfing Lessons in Costa Rica?

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Surf on a Costa Rica Vacation This Summer

Known for its amazingly diverse ecosystem and wonderful weather, Costa Rica is also one of the most popular surfing destinations in the world. Thanks to the tidal patterns, the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is blessed with year-round waves, including point breaks.

People have been surfing for centuries in Costa Rica and the country’s Pacific Coast was long considered an ideal surfing spot for surfing professionals only. But today, thanks to an increase in the number of surf camps and schools, it is now possible for even beginners to learn how to surf in Costa Rica.

Where to Surf in Costa Rica

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Depending on your ability level and which kinds of wave you prefer, there are several excellent spots to surf in Costa Rica.

Dominical – The beach offshore from the village of Dominical has probably the most consistent breaks in the country. Regardless of the season or total wave swell, there are always surfable waves in Dominical. Waves in Dominical break both right and left, ideally versatile for all surfers.

Because of the variation in breaks, there are waves suitable for surfers of all ability levels. Bigger waves with barrels can be found at Dominical while the nearby Dominicality has slow, rolling waves that are better suited for intermediate surfers who want to hone their techniques.

Dominical is also an ideal spot because the break is relatively uncrowded so you won’t have to jostle for time and space with other surfers to enjoy these waves.

Isla Damas – The “Island of the Ladies” is an isolated beach that can only be reached by boat. The spot is a beach break with both left and right breaking waves, and it’s not hard to spot barrels. Due to the wave action, the beach of Isla Damas is most suited for advanced and intermediate surfers.

Quepos Rivermouth – Where the river enters the ocean, surfers can benefit from regular swells that generated very long left breaking waves. The outflow of the river gives surfers a boost as they paddle out to the wave.

Manuel Antonio Beach – This beach has a long break with plenty of room for multiple surfers. The section known as Playitas (Little Beach) is less crowded and features both right and left breaking waves.

Learning to Surf in Costa Rica

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Whether you’re an experienced professional wanting to hone your techniques or a first-time surfer who has never tried this fabulous sport, the experienced staff of Endless Olas Surf Camp can help you make the most of a surfing experience in Costa Rica. With a variety of surf conditions, there is a steady supply of ideal waves for every level of surfer.

Endless Olas also offers guided tours and vacation packages to make the most of your stay in Costa Rica, including trips into the interior, visits to wellness centers, and hiking through the beautiful natural scenery that has made the country famous. Endless Olas also offers a number of exciting adventure activities like horseback riding, white water rafting, zip lining, sea kayaking, and paddle boarding.