Costa Rica Surf Camp

“The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.”
– Duke Kahanamoku

Endless Olas is recognized as one of the finest surf camps in Costa Rica. Since 2004, the experienced local coaches at Endless Olas have been helping first-time beginners and experienced pros enjoy the wonderful sport of surfing. Using advanced surf mechanics training in the pool, intensive hands on work on technique and the ability to read waves while in the water and detailed video analysis of each surfer’s performance, Endless Olas will make sure that every surfer gets the most out of their time on the water.

Surfing in Costa Rica

There’s a reason that celebrities and experienced surfing professionals head to the Pacific Coast of Central America to surf in Costa Rica. Two different seasonal currents have blessed Costa Rica with regular crests all year-round, waves ranging from gentle swells to monster barrels.

Endless Olas has exclusive access to some of the best surf in the world, including several breaks in the Dominical area, a completely secluded beach break on Isla Damas, Manuel Antonio Beach, the rivermouth of Quepos and other magnificent, local, secret spots.

The Sun is Shining and the Weather is Fabulous

With year-round warm water temperatures and uncrowded waves, surfing is a dream with Endless Olas. With a backdrop of verdant jungle and misty crags, surfing the turquoise waters of the Pacific under endless sunny skies is a truly unique experience.

If you’ve been surfing before, you know that the recipe for a truly unforgettable surfing experience is a mix of water temperature, tide, wave size, direction, and time of day. The experienced professional coaches at Endless Olas have the inside knowledge to chart the best times to score great waves. And when you’ve enjoyed a fabulous day out on the water, relax on the beach with fellow travelers and enjoy a slice of authentic Costa Rica life with bonfires, stories, fresh juices, tasty treats, and pick-up games of soccer with the locals.

Costa Rica Surf Camp

Endless Olas creates a new schedule each week to take advantage of the tides and weather conditions. The camp also creates an individualized schedule for each customer during their stay based on their desires and skill level. Every instructor at Endless Olas has completed a rigorous course of ocean lifesaving and surf instructor training so that every surfer can feel comfortable and safe. Having taught thousands of surfers over the past 12 years, Endless Olas also offers wonderful complementary activities like yoga on the beach, horseback riding through a pristine national park, bird watching, and rafting down a jungle river.

An adventure of a lifetime is waiting at Endless Olas Surf Camp. Whether you’re interested in learning a new skill or want to follow your passion for surfing, you can enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Costa Rica with like-minded adventurers from around the world at Endless Olas.

How to Find the Best Costa Rica Surf Camp

The planet is more than 70% ocean, but only a few special spots have the right combination of waves, sun, and gorgeous natural settings to provide the ultimate surf experience. Costa Rica’s Pacific coast is uniquely blessed with a shoreline and tidal systems that combine to form some of the best surfing in the world. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or have never tried surfing before in your life, it’s important to find the right surf camp for you.

Below is our guide to finding the very best Costa Rica Surf Camp for you:

The Right Waves

Good waves are essential for an enjoyable surfing experience. Endless Olas has the expertise and experience to read local weather conditions, tides, and ocean currents to make sure that surfers get access to the very best waves possible.

The area around Dominical uniquely benefits from several different types of regular waves. Slow, majestic swells with both left and right breaks are ideal for beginning and intermediate surfers while more dynamic breaks and river mouths are perfect for experienced surfers. Endless Olas has access to areas where the waves are very consistent, meaning surfers can get in a full day of fun and excitement with no need to wait around for the next good wave to roll in.

An Authentic Costa Rica Experience

Surfing is why you’re choosing a good surf camp, but there’s much more to do and see after you’ve returned from the beach. Endless Olas Surf Camp is intentionally located in a natural paradise, with plenty of exciting activities to enjoy like learning Spanish, hiking through the nearby Manuel Antonio National Park, horseback riding, canoeing, and white-water rafting.

Endless Olas also offers holistic ways of making the most of the Costa Rica experience, including professional massages performed right on the beach, yoga, and delicious, healthy foods like fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

Local Expertise

Endless Olas Surf Camp was founded more than 10 years ago by Luis Gattgens, a local Tico (Costa Rican) who wanted to share his passion and experience with surfing with the rest of the world. Endless Olas employs a small staff of very experienced surf coaches who are all qualified on first aid, water safety, and the finer points of surf mechanics.

Expert Coaching

Learning to surf or improving your surf techniques requires dedication and proven coaching methods. At Endless Olas, the expert local surf coaches provide extensive training on dry land before surfers ever enter the water. Every surfer at Endless Olas will be videotaped so that coaches can break down techniques and strategies for improving surfer’s abilities to make the most of every wave.

The Right Place to Enjoy Surfing

Sometimes, places where the wind, weather, and waves combine to make an excellent opportunity for surfing are not enjoyable because there are simply too many surfers out there battling to be the first to reach the next wave. Endless Olas has access to secluded beaches, river mouths, and other prime surfing locations that are uncrowded, giving each surfer ample access to tasty waves without having to compete with other surfers.

You’ll enjoy your day out in the water much more when you get immersed in the experience instead of having to paddle your way through crowds of surfers.

10 Things to Ask When Picking a Surf Camp in Costa Rica

10 Things to Ask When Picking a Surf Camp in Costa Rica

With generously reliable waves suitable for every skill level and one of the most beautiful natural locations in the world, Costa Rica has become a top destination for surfers. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or have not yet had the chance to experience the magical feeling of being atop a surfboard, it is important to choose the right surf camp.

Below are 10 things to consider when picking a surf camp in Costa Rica:

Consistent Waves

Tided and time wait for no man but some surf locations are blessed with consistent waves, giving students the maximum opportunity to practice and enjoy riding waves.


The best wave in the world is no good to you if there are too many other surfers waiting in line to ride it. A good surf camp will have access to uncrowded breaks to make sure you get first access to the good waves.

Experienced Teachers

Anyone who can ride a board can call themselves a surf instructor so be sure to choose a camp that has a roster of professional surfers who have experience in teaching others how to ride waves.

Surfing Equipment

Surfing equipment is cumbersome and difficult to transport on long-distance flights. A quality surf camp will provide everything you need, right down to the board wax.

Certified Coaches

A quality surf coach is more than a good teacher. He or she needs to be certified to provide first aid, CPR and emergency medical assistance.


The culture and community of a surf camp go beyond time in the water. A quality surf camp will have experienced locals on their staff who will help you make the most of your time when you’re on dry land.

Student to Teacher Ratio

A low ratio means that you’ll get plenty of personalized attention from your coach as you learn to master the art of riding waves.


A quality surf camp will arrange for all of your transportation needs, starting with a pick-up at the airport and sojourns into town for extracurricular activities.

Surf Locations

Good surfing locations are jealously guarded, and the best surf camps will have access to secluded, private areas with excellent breaks to make sure that you optimize your time in the water.

Beyond Surfing

Surfing is incredibly fun but many campers also want to explore all of the natural beauty and exciting destinations elsewhere in Costa Rica. A good surf camp will arrange for guided tours to all of the best spots in the country.

To make the most of your surfing experience in Costa Rica, choose Endless Olas Surf Camp. With a staff of experienced surfing professionals, access to some of the best surfing locations in the country, and organized tours to enjoy the best that Costa Rica has to offer, Endless Olas is the right surf camp for first-time and experienced surfers alike.

Surfing Etiquette: 10 Surf Rules Everyone Should Know

Surfing Etiquette: 10 Surf Rules Everyone Should Know

As surfing grows in popularity, more and more people are out there on boards to ride waves, so it’s important to understand and follow some basic rules in order to avoid injuries and accidents.

The following are the 10 surf rules that everyone should know before they get in the water.

1 – Smile and have fun!

There’s no point in being out there in the water if you’re not having fun, so never get to a place where you’re overly focused on perfecting your techniques at the price of having fun. Enjoy yourself and keep it positive!

2 – Don’t drop in

When a number of surfers are lined up for the next wave, don’t try to jump ahead in line. Be patient and wait your turn and you’ll avoid crashing into another surfer and both of you losing that tasty wave.

3 – Understand who has the right of way

Surfing etiquette says that the surfer who is closest to the peak of the wave has priority. If you’re on the shoulder of the wave and another surfer is already riding the wave, yield to the other surfer.

4 – Be smart when paddling out

Never paddle out through rideable waves as you may end up colliding with an incoming surfer. Look for flatter water and paddle around the spots where good waves are coming in.

5 – Never snake

“Snaking” is a surfer term for jumping the line. You’ll cause your fellow surfers to lose their positivity if you’re seen as snaking or stealing their waves.

6 – Sorry is a useful word

Accidents happen to even the best of surfers. If you accidentally find yourself dropping in on another surfer or collide with a leash or board, be responsible and apologize for your actions.

7 – Hang onto your board

Whether you’re the only one in the water that day or the beach is crowded with fellow surfers, always be sure to hang onto your board. If you consistently find that you’re losing your board, scale back to some smaller waves and concentrate on your fundamentals.

8 – Times and patience = quality surfing

There is no such thing as a born surfer. Wise surfers know that it takes a long time to be able to read currents, breaks, and waves before you’re able to master that particular stretch of water.

9 – Always have respect

It’s not just essential to have respect for your fellow surfers but also to respect the environment and the waters in which you are surfing. Your goal should be to leave nothing behind but footprints on the beach when you’re done surfing and to take nothing home with you but memories.

10 – Sharing is caring

Be generous to those around you and you’ll soon find that you will be welcomed into a fraternity of positive, enthusiastic wave riders.

No matter what your experience or surfing ability, even if you are a complete beginner, the Endless Olas Surf Camp can teach you how to enjoy this wonderful sport.

Don’t Forget These 5 Surfing Essentials

Don’t Forget These 5 Surfing Essentials

Surfing is one of the healthiest and most enjoyable sports ever devised by humankind. To make sure that your surfing adventure goes smoothly, it’s important to remember a few fundamentals so that you’re ready to catch some waves the moment your feet hit the beach.

Here are 5 surfing essentials you should never forget.


Costa Rica is famous for its beautiful weather and long, sunny days. No matter what your skin tone, be sure to bring a high-quality waterproof sunscreen in order to keep your skin protected from damaging UV rays. We recommend using a small container that can fit into your pocket so that you can easily re-apply sunscreen if you’re out there on the water. That way you don’t have to waste time heading back to the beach.

Surf Wax

As the classic movie said, wax on, wax off! Although you can pick up surf wax in Costa Rica, it’s best to always bring your favorite brand with you. Also, be sure to choose the right formula for the climate that you’re going to surf in so that it won’t melt when you’re out there trying to catch a tasty wave.

Day Bag

It’s understandable that many surfers are so excited about getting in the water that they forget to bring a day bag. Yes, you might also be carrying a larger travel bag with you but a small, portable day bag is a great way to make sure you’ve got all your essential gear with you when you go from car to car, hop on a boat, or move to a different stretch of beach.

Repair Kit

One thing to definitely include in your day bag is a small board repair kit. You never know when your board might get chewed up or dinged, so it’s great to have a way to make some quick repairs. Before investing in a kit, find out what kind of foam your board uses. For surf boards made from EPS blanks, you’ll need epoxy resin. But if your board is made out of polyurethane, you can try either epoxy resin or polyester. Another useful thing to keep in your kit is a repair putty like FCS Instant Repair Putty.

Backup Leash

Nothing stings worse than having a leash break, especially if you don’t have a backup on hand. We recommend throwing in a couple of extra leashes of differing thicknesses to make the most out of the water conditions. Thinner leashes are good for minimizing drag but thicker ones provide more stability with bigger waves. If your leash does break, you’ll be sure glad that you had a back-up leash or two on hand so you can get right back to surfing.

Endless Olas Surf Camp

costa rica surfing

With access to some of the best breaks and surfing beaches in Costa Rica, Endless Olas has a staff of local surfing experts that can teach complete beginners how to ride a board or assist seasoned pros how to take their surfing game up to the next level.

When is the Best Time to Take Surfing Lessons in Costa Rica?

When is the Best Time to Take Surfing Lessons in Costa Rica?

Surfing is a unique sport in that it depends on exquisite timing to get the right combination of weather, tides, and waves. Seasonal and weather-related factors have a strong impact on tide conditions and both the shapes and consistency of the waves. The good news is that just about any time of year is ideal for surfing in Costa Rica. Thanks to a unique blessing of being favored by two different cyclical tidal patterns, the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica around Dominical is where you can find regularly consistent waves and plenty of sun and warm temperatures nearly all year round.

The Seasons

Due to its latitude, Costa Rica does not undergo the four seasons of more temperate locations like the United States. In effect, Costa Rica has just two seasons, known locally as the dry season and the green season.

The dry season runs from approximately early December through the month of April. Often called “summer” by outsiders, the dry season is when the country receives a higher number of tourists. Schools in Costa Rica are closed between December and February, and it’s not surprising to see locals flocking to the beaches, especially on weekends and big holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter.

The green season runs from early May until approximately the last months of November. Although it is often referred to as “winter”, the green season stays comfortably warm. The first half of the green season sees rains predominately at night and occasionally in the early morning hours.

When to Take Surfing Lessons

Surf Camps like Endless Olas offer surfing lessons year-round to beginners as well as experienced professionals. During the height of the green season, surfers can benefit from larger wave sizes and a higher frequency of waves. During the dry seasons, waves are slightly smaller but the Pacific Coast area around Dominical still has plenty of excellent break points and consistent waves.

Surfing Lessons in Dominical, Costa Rica

Ideally based in the beach village of Dominical on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, the Endless Olas Surf School has a full staff of local surfing professionals who have years of experience in reading the weather, tides, and waves in order to guide participants to the very best places to surf.

Dominical is also conveniently located to some of the most beautiful natural areas in the country, including the Manuel Antonio National Park. Participants at Endless Olas can choose from a wide variety of complimentary activities to round out their surf vacation in Costa Rica, including horseback riding along the beach, white-water rafting, deep sea fishing, yoga on the beach, and bird watching in the jungle.

The best place in Costa Rica for first time surfers

The best place in Costa Rica for first time surfers

There are only a few places on the planet where the right mix of tides, currents, and geography meet to create regularly consistent waves for surfing, and the most beautiful of them all is Costa Rica. The unspoiled pristinely beautiful Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is the ideal place to learn the ancient sport of surfing.

The Endless Olas Surf Camp in Dominical, Costa Rica, has a professional staff of licensed surfing professionals. All of the coaches have years of experience in reading and understanding the wave conditions, weather, and tides to give surfers exclusive access to the very best spots. Using advanced motion capture and surf mechanics, the coaches of Endless Olas can teach anyone how to safely and enjoyably ride a wave.

Surfing is not just one of the most enjoyable sports ever devised, but also one of the healthiest. Enjoying the very best that Mother Nature has to offer, surfers are out in the great outdoors, using natural muscle motion with plenty of aerobic action as they experience the amazing thrill of riding a big wave into shore. Free from the hectic distractions of modern life like laptops, phones, and gadgets, surfers can reconnect their minds and bodies in gorgeous natural settings like the beaches of Dominical in Costa Rica. Enjoy fresh juice squeezed from organic fruits, kick around a soccer ball with the locals, and even take a Spanish class.

Participants in the Endless Olas Surf Camp get the whole package. Endless Olas offers a host of complementary activities and adventures to complete the full Costa Rica experience. Whether you want to rise with the sun and perform yoga on the beach, hike through a jungle bursting with colorful birds and exotic wildlife, explore one of the many horseback trails in the nearby national park, fly down a rainforest river in an exciting canoeing adventure, or relax and unwind with a professional massage right on the beach, Endless Olas can craft the perfect vacation for you.

All the coaches at Endless Olas have undergone extensive training and certification and have years of experience in training complete beginners on how to enjoy and experience the magical sport of surfing. Endless Olas has access to secluded beaches and isolated break points, giving each surfer plenty of time and space in order to enjoy the bounty of consistent waves that make Dominical one of the finest places to surf in the world.

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