10 Fantastic Reasons Why Costa Rica is the Best Surfing Destination in the World

It’s true that there are some surfing spots around the world that are more famous than Costa Rica, and there are some sites in the Pacific Ocean that are more exotic, but when it actually comes to getting in the water and riding waves, no place on earth can compare to Costa Rica. Experienced surfers who have traveled around the globe know that nothing beats the unique combination of consistency, wave size, break options, and beautiful scenery like surfing in Costa Rica.

Here are 10 fantastic reasons why Costa Rica is the best surfing destination on the planet:

Consistency – Locals in Costa Rica will tell you that there are over 350 surfable days a year thanks to the country being blessed with waves coming from the north half the year and from the south during the other half.

Variety – Some surfing spots are great but limited to just one kind of wave. In Costa Rica, you can find long river mouths, slow peeling point breaks, gentle beach breaks, and fantastic slabs all within a short distance of each other.

Water Temperature – True surfers will brave any water temperatures if it means catching a tasty wave. But in Costa Rica, all you’ll ever need is your swim trunks or bikini due to delightfully warm water temperatures all year.

Accessibility – With four international airports, a slate of low-cost air connections from the United States and the region, and many locals understanding English, it’s super easy to get to and travel around Costa Rica.

Crowd Factor – Of course you won’t have a beach entirely to yourself, but compared to a lot of other top surfing spots, Costa Rica is amazingly free of hordes of surfers all jockeying to cut in on the next wave.

Nature – Costa Rica is a breathtakingly beautiful country, with forests, jungles and mountains simply teeming with life. With almost no industrial pollution and a strong culture of eco-tourism and sustainability, Costa Rica truly feels like the Garden of Eden.

Weather – Located near the equator, the weather in Costa Rica is pretty fabulous all year round. There’s some rain to deal with in the green season, but more rainfall means bigger waves, so you never lose.

Cost – While there may be other less expensive sites to surf, Costa Rica is definitely a very affordable destination. Incidental costs like food, lodging and vehicle rentals are also very reasonable.

Food – After a long day out in the water, you’re bound to be hungry. Costa Rica is a foodie’s paradise, with fresh-caught fish and fantastically delicious organic produce.

Locals – “Ticos” are some of the friendliest, kindest and most knowledgeable surfers you’ll ever meet.

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