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Endless Olas is the premiere surf school in Costa Rica.

Located in Dominical on the stunningly beautiful Pacific Coast…

Horse Back Riding in Costa Rica

With a spectacular combination

of lush jungle foliage, sunny skies, and some of the best waves on the planet, it’s no mystery why so many people choose Endless…

Manuel Antonio National Park

The Manuel Antonio Park

is a large protected area on the Pacific Coast of the Central American nation of Costa Rica. Measuring 1,983 hectares in …


Endless Olas is the premiere Costa Rica surf

camp in the country, offering beginners and experts alike a chance to learn how to surf…

Stand Up Paddling Tours

People come from around the world to Dominical

in Costa Rica to learn how to surf from Endless Olas Surf Camp…

Yoga in
Costa Rica

Whether you want to relax after a full day at a Costa Rica

surf camp or want to skip the surfing altogether in order to enjoy yoga…

White Water

Endless Olas is a premiere surf camp

known for their experienced coaches, attention to detail, and access to some …

Nauyacan Waterfall and Surf Excursion

Explore the spectacularly breathtaking Nauyacan Waterfall. The Nauyacan Waterfall is located about 20 minutes from Dominical, deep into the heart of the tropical jungle.

The Hidden Beaches of Manuel Antonio Hike

Did you know that there are seven hidden beaches in Manuel Antonio? You certainly didn’t come to Costa Rica to sit on a crowded beach! Experience the true natural …

Natural Hot Spring Therapy Tour

In the hills of a nearby village lies a largely undiscovered natural hot spring. This marvelous tour offers an enjoyment for everyone. Take pleasure in the relaxation and beauty of several …