The Many Layers of Our Coaching

How We Teach Surfing
We believe that with theory, hard work and of course fun we can teach anyone how to surf. We make sure that our students are provided with a comfortable atmosphere to learn. We will never simply bring you into the ocean without guidance first. We know that there is a lot more to surfing than appears to the untrained eye. We break surfing down into pieces and work on specific skills – paddling, body placement on the board, pop-up technique, foot placement, weight placement, etc. We teach the mechanics of surfing. There is a lot more to surfing than simply the ability to stand-up on the board. Learning the rest of these surf mechanics is what will truly make you a surfer. In teaching this way we allow our students to progress by enhancing a skill set over time. We build confidence.

Personal Feedback for All Levels
We coach surfers of all levels. Every surfer, from beginner to advanced, can use some coaching to improve their skills. Each surfer will be different and will need unique advice and feedback. Therefore, we offer each surfer very specific and personal feedback regarding skills and body movement that will aid them in their surf progression.

How to Read the Ocean
Surfing isn’t only about what you do on the board. It is also about reading the ocean. This is important for both safety and for wave selection. The ability to choose the right wave and to position oneself in the right place to catch a wave is a vital component to surfing. A surfer can be amazing on the board but if he/she can’t catch the wave than it doesn’t matter. Most of our students didn’t grow up in a place like Costa Rica with the chance to be in the water every day and therefore this doesn’t necessarily come naturally. We, therefore, take the time to focus on this important aspect of surfing. We will show you the difference between a “good” and “bad” surf wave, how to find the peak, how the waves are breaking, etc.

Class/Video/Pool Training
Surfing is not something that can only be taught on the beach. Therefore, we offer several classes throughout the week on surf mechanics and wave theory.

We also take video of all of our students and review the videos with the students in order to offer feedback. We find that offering feedback is much more productive when students have the visuals of themselves during the explanation.

Finally, we use our pool to practice paddling and duck dive techniques.