Stand Up Paddling Tours

People come from around the world to Dominical in Costa Rica to learn how to surf from Endless Olas Surf Camp. With regularly consistent waves ideal for beginner surfers and seasoned pros alike in one of the most beautiful locations on Earth, it’s no wonder that surfing is a popular activity in Dominical. Now there’s a new way to enjoy time out on the water. Called Stand Up Paddling (or SUP for short), this sport allows even individuals who don’t know how to surf to enjoy the great outdoors.

Stand Up Paddling is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, giving individuals a chance to combine time on the water in a peaceful and relaxing new way. Stand Up Paddling begins by sitting astride a paddle board that looks much like a surfboard and heading out into the ocean. When the time is right, participants climb up on their board, using a special pole to operate and guide the board in a manner similar to the gondoliers of Venice. Stand Up Paddling relies on calm waters, giving people of all athletic abilities the chance to experience the water in a new and exciting way. The paddle board is also a great base of operation for quick swimming or snorkeling trips to explore the wonderful scenery.

Endless Olas is proud to offer Stand Up Paddling expeditions that include comprehensive coaching from trained local experts. All participants will be given a full training session on how to use the board, including practice sessions on the water’s edge and an overview of safety rules and SUP techniques. From there, participants will operate their paddle boards out past the sandbar offshore of Dominical and enter some of the most beautiful waters in all of Costa Rica.

Endless Olas’s SUP tour will last approximately three hours. The SUP tour will begin with a practice session, participants learning how to turn and paddle their boards as well as learning balance control and the proper riding stance. The tour includes all the necessary equipment including life jackets, an expert coaching and practice session by certified SUP Instructors and Lifeguards, and delicious drinks and snacks to be enjoyed on the beach after the tour.

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