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Located on Costa Rica’s pristine southwest Pacific Coast just 27 miles (44 km) south of the town of Quepos is the sleepy beach village of Dominical. Located at the bottom of enormous cliffs and facing the turquoise beauty of the Pacific Ocean, the tiny village was long one of the best-kept secrets of Costa Rica. For centuries, locals have taken advantage of a serendipitous convergence of coastline and tides to enjoy some of the best surfing found anywhere on the planet.

The Dominical beach (known in Spanish as “Playa Dominical”) has a full smorgasbord of wave riding options to choose from ranging from gentle predictable swells to larger barrels to give experienced surfers a true thrill. The strong riptides along the 2.5-mile (4 km) long beach make the area off-limits to swimmers but several spots further offshore are blessed with regularly consistent waves that break both left and right.

Visitors to Dominical can explore the nearby landscape, a lush series of estuaries and mangroves that are home to hundreds of colorful tropical birds. Just south of Dominical is Playa Dominicalito, an ideal spot for swimming and surfing. Further out are special surfing locations and isolated beaches that provide surfers a full menu range of options to choose from to select their ideal type of wave and surfing experience.

Wave Information at Dominical

  • Best Swell size: Head high to Double overhead
  • Best Swell direction: S-SW
  • Best Wind direction: E
  • Best Season to Surf: Waves pretty much year-round with the biggest waves between June and September
  • Type of break: Beach break with river mouth
  • Bottom: Sand
  • Consistency: Very consistent
  • Best tide: Medium to High
  • Best Suited for: Intermediate to advanced (* beginners in certain spots)
  • Access: The beach is right in town and it is possible to park right at the edge of the sand.

10 Things To Do in Dominical, Costa Rica

  1. Whitewater Rafting – Thanks to abundant rainfall and multiple mountain streams, Costa Rica is blessed with outstanding opportunities to brave rapids. Strap on your life jacket and prepare yourself for a ton of adrenaline-pumping fun.
  2. Horseback Riding – If horseback riding is your cup of tea, don’t miss a guided expedition through some of the most beautiful and unspoiled regions of Costa Rica where motor vehicle traffic is forbidden. Enjoy gorgeous panoramas and a unique chance to see Costa Rica’s nature at its finest.
  3. Waterfall Rappelling – Gazing up at the majestic beauty of a waterfall is one thing, but strapping on climbing gear and plunging down into the abyss takes special courage. Feel the spray hit your face as you rappel down through truly gorgeous scenery until you arrive at the jungle floor hundreds of feet below.
  4. Cuisine – Costa Rica is home to a delicious melange of influences. Dazzle your taste buds with some of the finest dining in the region with dishes made from locally-sourced, organic produce and other quality ingredients
  5. Birdwatching – Costa Rica is home to one of the most vibrant biosphere anywhere on Earth. Grab your binoculars and try to spot the hundreds of different species that call this country home.
  6. Canopy Tours – There’s a completely different eco-system of life high up in the branches of the rainforest. Ascend to the top of the canopy to catch a glimpse of monkeys, birds of prey, and other unique denizens of the jungle as they live their lives hundreds of feet above the ground.
  7. Yoga – Connect and refresh your body and mind with a yoga course performed at some of the most tranquil and beautiful locations on Earth, including yoga on the beach.
  8. ATV Tours – Over a third of Costa Rica is protected nature reserves and parks. Explore where few tourists go using an ATV to head deep into the jungle where you can catch a glimpse of the abundant wildlife that make this country so famous.
  9. Surfing – With some of the most consistent and ideal waves anywhere on Earth, Costa Rica is truly a surf mecca. Let the professional, experienced coaches of Endless Olas teach you the fundamentals of surfing and how to improve your technique to make the most of the beautiful swells and breaks that have made Dominical famous as a surf spot.
  10. Visit Waterfalls – Some of the tallest and most majestic waterfalls in the world are found in Costa Rica. Don’t miss the waterslide in Uvita where you can jump in and let the water carry you down and off a natural ramp into a deep pool of cool and refreshing water.

Learn to Surf With the Best in Dominical

Whether you’ve never even attempted to climb on a board or you’re a seasoned professional, surfers of all abilities can enjoy this fantastically fun sport with expert coaching from the Endless Olas Surf Camp. First-time surfers are guaranteed to be riding their first wave by the end of the first day, taking advantage of gentle regular swells while more experienced surfers can hone their techniques with more powerful breaks in the area. Endless Olas offers surfing enthusiasts a chance to master the essential skills of surfing in one of the most pristinely beautiful spots in Costa Rica.

After surf class is over, campers at Endless Olas can tour some of the nearby attractions, including the lush beauty of Chirripo National Park and Manuel Antonio Park. Endless Olas also organizes tours to the majestic Nauyaca Waterfalls as well as horseback riding expedition, tours of the jungle canopy, deep sea fishing adventures, and sea kayaking, scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities. Endless Olas can also arrange for tours of other popular destinations in Costa Rica as well as transportation to and from the capital of San Jose.

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