Yoga, Surf and Adventure – Three Big Reasons to Visit Costa Rica This Summer

Costa Rica is famous for being a gorgeous gem of pristine nature. Whether it’s visiting the cloud forests of the interior, exploring volcanic craters, or simply hiking and bird watching in one of dozens of national parks, Costa Rica is the perfect place to get some fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors this summer.

Three popular activities that perfectly complement each other for an unforgettable Costa Rica summer vacation are yoga, surfing, and adventure. The Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is a surfing mecca where consistent, big swells and lots of wide open space allow surfers of all ability levels to enjoy the ancient sport. Surf camps excel at teaching first-time surfers the fundamentals of wave mechanics and how to stand up and ride on their first day. Throw in lots of sunshine, warm water temperatures, and phenomenally beautiful backdrops and you have all the ingredients necessary for some truly world-class surfing.

One great holistic accompaniment to a fun day surfing in Costa Rica is yoga. This ancient Indian practice is ideal for centering one’s self and developing a stronger connection between the mind and body. Imagine performing yoga on a gorgeous Costa Rica beach, the gentle crash of waves in your ear, the mingled scents of tropical flowers and plants, and the lovely sight of pristine nature as you move through the poses of yoga. An abundance of fresh, organic food and delicious juices make for a great way to recharge after an intense yoga section.

Last, but definitely not least, adding some adventure options to your Costa Rica trip is a great way to enjoy your summer vacation. You can head out to deeper waters for some exciting game fishing, ride a horse through the natural wonderland of a national park, navigate the rapids of a jungle river, spotting wildlife like monkeys, paddling your way down the coast on a stand-up board, marveling at jungle fauna and flowering plants, canoeing down a pristine watercourse, patiently spot some 500 plus species of birds, snorkel and scuba dive at a coral reef, or simply relax and drink in the sights and sounds of one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet. Everywhere you go in Costa Rica, exciting adventures await.

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