Yoga in Costa Rica

Whether you want to relax after a full day at a Costa Rica surf camp or want to skip the surfing altogether in order to enjoy yoga, Endless Olas offers yoga in one of the most beautiful locations on the planet.

Endless Olas, the Costa Rica surfing experts, have partnered with Spa Holis to create the ideal yoga retreat in the country. With multiple classes throughout the week, anyone can enjoy yoga in Costa Rica. The instructors are highly-trained, well-respected professionals in the ancient art of yoga, and participants can choose to partake in the class on the beach, at the Spa Holis studio, or on the grounds of Endless Olas surf camp. Endless Olas recommends yoga as a way to stay tuned with nature in a way that is complimentary to the fun and athleticism of surfing.

At first glance, surfing and yoga may seem to be worlds apart. But both of these ancient disciplines combine the beauty of nature with perfection of the human form. Yoga is about embracing nature, and few sites on the planet can compare to the holistic beauty of the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The warm and life-giving rays of the sun heat and loosen muscles while the rhythms of the waves remind participants of their breath. The sounds of a bird in flight and other wildlife in this tropical paradise remind the heart that life is beautiful.

Yoga options include private sessions, aerial yoga (including zero-compression inversions), vinyasa yoga, yoga barre (a fusion of ballet, cardio, and body sculpting), power flow yoga, and even special classes for children and youth. Yoga is an excellent way to recharge the mind while simultaneously loosening, strengthening, and increasing tone and vitality to the body. There is even a special surfer’s yoga class that help relax and improve power, balance, and stamina in the muscle groups used for surfing.

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