Vacation and Travel in Costa Rica During Lent and Easter

One of the most interesting and colorful times to visit Costa Rica is during the annual Easter holidays. Starting with an extended period of fasting and religious penitence known as Lent, Costa Rica transitions into Easter with an entire week of festivities known as Holy Week in English and “Semana Santa” in Spanish.

In Costa Rica, the Lent period usually falls during a time of extremely beautiful weather. With long, sunny days and pleasant air temperatures, the weather seemingly cooperates with enthusiastic Catholic celebrations of their faith. Just about every town and village in Costa Rica organizes street processions that include re-enactments of the trials and tribulations of Jesus Christ, culminating in a crucifixion.

The capital, San Jose, along with towns like Cartago, San Joaquin de Flores, and Cartago are renowned for their elaborate processions. Thousands of visitors flock to these areas every year in order to marvel at traditional costumes as well as partake in the religious fervor ahead of the most important annual event on the Christian calendar.

Easter is much more than a time to witness the religious processions and celebrations. Special foods are prepared in Costa Rica during Easter time, including a lot of fish dishes due to Catholic prohibitions on eating animal flesh during the Lenten period. Popular options in Costa Rica include fish soup, fried fish, shrimp and rice, and seafood ceviches. Costa Ricans also enjoy special desserts made from a combination of brown sugar, coconuts, papaya, and pumpkin and sweet treats made with locally sourced honey and palm hearts.

Starting on the Thursday before Easter Sunday, all government offices and most shops close across the country. The four-day Easter weekend is popular with both locals and visitors alike as a great chance to explore the great outdoors, including trips to national forests, swimming and surfing on the beach, and touring some of Costa Rica’s volcanoes and cloud forests.

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