Looking for Sun, Sand, and Surf? Costa Rica Has You Covered!

Costa Rica Surfing Vacations

Costa Rica Surfing Vacations With Endless Olas Surf Camp

Both an everyday greeting and the national motto, “Pura Vida” or “Live Life to the Fullest” is a way of life in Costa Rica. Those two simple words perfectly encapsulate everything that makes Costa Rica great, including its bountiful nature, spectacularly beautiful landscapes, and abundance of great weather. 

If your idea of an ideal vacation is sun, sand, and surf, here’s why you should choose Costa Rica. 

1 – The Beaches 

Costa Rica just wouldn’t be Costa Rica without its amazing beaches. Blessed with two coastlines, Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Ranging from crowded public beaches that are great places to mix and mingle to tiny, hidden beaches that you can enjoy to yourself, Costa Rica is the perfect place to relax, kick back, and soak up some sun. 

2 – The Surfing 

Some of the best surfers in the world hail from Costa Rica, and it’s easy to see why. The country benefits from two seasonal tidal patterns that ensure a steady supply of big waves. With beaches, river mouths, and both left and right-hand breaks, there’s always a great place to surf in Costa Rica. 

3 – The Wildlife 

As if the sun and the great waves aren’t enough, Costa Rica is also home to a staggering diversity of plants, animals, and birds. Half a million animal species have been counted in Costa Rica, including 900 species of birds and 1,200 species of butterflies. Everywhere you look in Costa Rica, you’re sure to spot something amazing. And Costa Rica is home to exotic animals like monkeys, sloths, dolphins, manatees, and sea turtles. 

If you’re ready for a fantastic sun, sand, and surf vacation in Costa Rica, be sure to book your trip with Endless Olas Surf Camp. Based on Dominical, home of some of the best surf spots in the country, Endless Olas offers personalized instruction for surfers of all ability levels. 

Whether you’ve never tried surfing before, or you’re an experienced pro, the expert local coaches of Endless Olas will help you take your surfing to the next level. And, after a fun day of surfing Costa Rica’s legendary waves, Endless Olas offers exciting adventure trips like hiking through a national park, stand-up paddling along the river and estuaries, splashing in a waterfall, and discovering hidden beaches that only locals know about. 

Book your Costa Rica vacation with Endless Olas today!