When is the Best Time to Take Surfing Lessons in Costa Rica?

the best time to surf in costa rica

Surfing is a unique sport in that it depends on exquisite timing to get the right combination of weather, tides, and waves. Seasonal and weather-related factors have a strong impact on tide conditions and both the shapes and consistency of the waves. The good news is that just about any time of year is ideal for surfing in Costa Rica. Thanks to a unique blessing of being favored by two different cyclical tidal patterns, the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica around Dominical is where you can find regularly consistent waves and plenty of sun and warm temperatures nearly all year round.

The Seasons

Due to its latitude, Costa Rica does not undergo the four seasons of more temperate locations like the United States. In effect, Costa Rica has just two seasons, known locally as the dry season and the green season.

The dry season runs from approximately early December through the month of April. Often called “summer” by outsiders, the dry season is when the country receives a higher number of tourists. Schools in Costa Rica are closed between December and February, and it’s not surprising to see locals flocking to the beaches, especially on weekends and big holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter.

The green season runs from early May until approximately the last months of November. Although it is often referred to as “winter”, the green season stays comfortably warm. The first half of the green season sees rains predominately at night and occasionally in the early morning hours.

When to Take Surfing Lessons

Surf Camps like Endless Olas offer surfing lessons year-round to beginners as well as experienced professionals. During the height of the green season, surfers can benefit from larger wave sizes and a higher frequency of waves. During the dry seasons, waves are slightly smaller but the Pacific Coast area around Dominical still has plenty of excellent break points and consistent waves.

Surfing Lessons in Dominical, Costa Rica

Ideally based in the beach village of Dominical on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, the Endless Olas Surf School has a full staff of local surfing professionals who have years of experience in reading the weather, tides, and waves in order to guide participants to the very best places to surf.

Dominical is also conveniently located to some of the most beautiful natural areas in the country, including the Manuel Antonio National Park. Participants at Endless Olas can choose from a wide variety of complimentary activities to round out their surf vacation in Costa Rica, including horseback riding along the beach, white-water rafting, deep sea fishing, yoga on the beach, and bird watching in the jungle.

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