The best place in Costa Rica for first time surfers

There are only a few places on the planet where the right mix of tides, currents, and geography meet to create regularly consistent waves for surfing, and the most beautiful of them all is Costa Rica. The unspoiled pristinely beautiful Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is the ideal place to learn the ancient sport of surfing.

The Endless Olas Surf Camp in Dominical, Costa Rica, has a professional staff of licensed surfing professionals. All of the coaches have years of experience in reading and understanding the wave conditions, weather, and tides to give surfers exclusive access to the very best spots. Using advanced motion capture and surf mechanics, the coaches of Endless Olas can teach anyone how to safely and enjoyably ride a wave.

Surfing is not just one of the most enjoyable sports ever devised, but also one of the healthiest. Enjoying the very best that Mother Nature has to offer, surfers are out in the great outdoors, using natural muscle motion with plenty of aerobic action as they experience the amazing thrill of riding a big wave into shore. Free from the hectic distractions of modern life like laptops, phones, and gadgets, surfers can reconnect their minds and bodies in gorgeous natural settings like the beaches of Dominical in Costa Rica. Enjoy fresh juice squeezed from organic fruits, kick around a soccer ball with the locals, and even take a Spanish class.

Participants in the Endless Olas Surf Camp get the whole package. Endless Olas offers a host of complementary activities and adventures to complete the full Costa Rica experience. Whether you want to rise with the sun and perform yoga on the beach, hike through a jungle bursting with colorful birds and exotic wildlife, explore one of the many horseback trails in the nearby national park, fly down a rainforest river in an exciting canoeing adventure, or relax and unwind with a professional massage right on the beach, Endless Olas can craft the perfect vacation for you.

All the coaches at Endless Olas have undergone extensive training and certification and have years of experience in training complete beginners on how to enjoy and experience the magical sport of surfing. Endless Olas has access to secluded beaches and isolated break points, giving each surfer plenty of time and space in order to enjoy the bounty of consistent waves that make Dominical one of the finest places to surf in the world.

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