How to Find the Best Costa Rica Surf Camp

The planet is more than 70% ocean, but only a few special spots have the right combination of waves, sun, and gorgeous natural settings to provide the ultimate surf experience. Costa Rica’s Pacific coast is uniquely blessed with a shoreline and tidal systems that combine to form some of the best surfing in the world. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or have never tried surfing before in your life, it’s important to find the right surf camp for you.

Below is our guide to finding the very best Costa Rica Surf Camp for you:

The Right Waves

Good waves are essential for an enjoyable surfing experience. Endless Olas has the expertise and experience to read local weather conditions, tides, and ocean currents to make sure that surfers get access to the very best waves possible.

The area around Dominical uniquely benefits from several different types of regular waves. Slow, majestic swells with both left and right breaks are ideal for beginning and intermediate surfers while more dynamic breaks and river mouths are perfect for experienced surfers. Endless Olas has access to areas where the waves are very consistent, meaning surfers can get in a full day of fun and excitement with no need to wait around for the next good wave to roll in.

An Authentic Costa Rica Experience

Surfing is why you’re choosing a good surf camp, but there’s much more to do and see after you’ve returned from the beach. Endless Olas Surf Camp is intentionally located in a natural paradise, with plenty of exciting activities to enjoy like learning Spanish, hiking through the nearby Manuel Antonio National Park, horseback riding, canoeing, and white-water rafting.

Endless Olas also offers holistic ways of making the most of the Costa Rica experience, including professional massages performed right on the beach, yoga, and delicious, healthy foods like fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

Local Expertise

Endless Olas Surf Camp was founded more than 10 years ago by Luis Gattgens, a local Tico (Costa Rican) who wanted to share his passion and experience with surfing with the rest of the world. Endless Olas employs a small staff of very experienced surf coaches who are all qualified on first aid, water safety, and the finer points of surf mechanics.

Expert Coaching

Learning to surf or improving your surf techniques requires dedication and proven coaching methods. At Endless Olas, the expert local surf coaches provide extensive training on dry land before surfers ever enter the water. Every surfer at Endless Olas will be videotaped so that coaches can break down techniques and strategies for improving surfer’s abilities to make the most of every wave.

The Right Place to Enjoy Surfing

Sometimes, places where the wind, weather, and waves combine to make an excellent opportunity for surfing are not enjoyable because there are simply too many surfers out there battling to be the first to reach the next wave. Endless Olas has access to secluded beaches, river mouths, and other prime surfing locations that are uncrowded, giving each surfer ample access to tasty waves without having to compete with other surfers.

You’ll enjoy your day out in the water much more when you get immersed in the experience instead of having to paddle your way through crowds of surfers.

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