5 Reasons Why September is the Best Month for a Surf Holiday

The weather may start to be turning crisp in September as autumn approaches in the United States, but in Costa Rica the surf season is heating up. Due to a number of convergent factors, September is truly one of the best times to enjoy a surfing holiday in Costa Rica.

1 – Autumn Swells

One of the reasons why surfing in Costa Rica is such an unparalleled experience is that the Pacific Coast benefits from two different seasonal currents that keep the big swells rolling in. Autumn is when bigger swells start to arrive, giving surfers of all skill levels the chance to enjoy regularly consistent waves that are perfect for surfing.

2 – Fewer Crowds

The weather remains lovely in Costa Rica in September, but most of the crowds have departed as folks head back to work and school. With fewer people renting villas, apartments, or staying in lodges, resorts, and hotels, you can get a great deal on accommodations. September is an ideal time to stake out your own patch of water as you surf to your heart’s content.

3 – Never-ending Summer

The leaves on the trees might be starting to turn in North America, but September in Costa Rica is one more month of summer. Enjoy plenty of warm weather, long days and nights, and pleasant ocean temperatures as you enjoy one more month of golden summer.

4 – Fewer Families

September is when most kids have to head back to school, meaning you’ll never have to fight for space to get in on the next wave in September. Kids and their families add a much-needed youthful energy to the sport of surfing, but September is a great chance to relax and savor the experience with fewer people competing for beach space.

5 – It’s Simply Gorgeous

Surfing is far more than just a healthy sport; it’s a chance to partake in the wonders of nature. Between the gorgeous backdrop of verdant jungles and the golden rays of the sun dancing on the water, surfing is the only sport that allows you to leave the cares of the modern world behind.

You can’t get sucked into the internet or get lost in the maze of your smartphone when you’re out there on the water. When surfing in Costa Rica, there’s just you, the sun, the sky, and the sea.

Endless Olas Surf Camp

The Endless Olas (“olas” is Spanish for “waves”) Surf Camp in Dominical in southwestern Costa Rica offers personalized coaching for surfing beginners and experts. Thanks to their exclusive access to the best surfing spots in the area, Endless Olas allows surfers to practice on exactly the right wave type and size for their skill set.

Endless Olas also offers a variety of complimentary activities to enjoy on dry land. Professional yoga instructors offer daily classes at beautiful natural locations, including on the beach. Another great way to relax and unwind is with a massage on the beach, listening to the gentle crash of the surf. Endless Olas can also arrange for adventures like hiking through the Manuel Antonio National Park, horseback riding, fishing, excursions to natural hot springs, exploring caves, spotting wildlife, playing soccer with locals, learning Spanish, sea kayaking, zip lining through the jungle canopy, and white-water rafting.

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