Visit Dominical, Costa Rica This Summer

Visit Dominical Costa Rica

Have you ever dreamt of surfing that perfect wave? Golden sunshine on your back, the salty spray in your nose, and nothing but huge swell after huge swell for you to conquer with your board? If so, you definitely need to book your Costa Rica surfing vacation today. 

Costa Rica is a natural paradise, home to more bird, insect, and plant species than anywhere else on the planet. With a varied landscape that includes cloud forests, gorgeous beaches, and magnificent volcanoes, it’s no wonder that so many people choose to vacation in Costa Rica every year. 

One of the best places in Costa Rica, if not the entire world, to enjoy surfing is in Dominical. A small town far off the beaten tourist path, Dominical is where you’ll find Endless Olas, the premier Costa Rica surf camp. It’s right there in their name – Endless Olas, meaning Limitless Waves in Spanish because Dominical is, hands down, the best surf spot in Costa Rica. 

Why do we say that? Because there’s simply no better combination of gorgeous nature, clean water, and tons of big waves like you’ll find in Dominical. These Costa Rica surfing beaches are uncrowded and have both left and right breaks. Whether you’ve never tried surfing before or are an expert pro, the experienced coaches of Endless Olas will have you up and on your board, getting the most out of every wave. 

Endless Olas also has exclusive access to private beach spots like an uninhabited island just off the coast and fast-running river mouths where big waves are guaranteed. Endless Olas has an experienced team of surf forecasters who scout the region every morning to ensure that participants get access to the best waves around. 

But Endless Olas is much more than just a school. It’s also a camp, a friendly place where you can meet fellow surfers from around the world, kick a soccer ball around, enjoy organic fresh-squeezed juice, and even practice Spanish with the locals. 

Endless Olas also knows that there’s a lot more to surfing in Costa Rica. That’s why they organize exciting tours in the area, including holistic activities like yoga and professional massages on the beach, hiking to hidden beaches that only locals know about, whitewater rafting, and trips to jungle waterfalls where you can laugh, play, and swim in the refreshingly cold waters. 

If you’re ready for an amazing surf vacation, contact the Endless Olas surf camp today!