The Caribbean

The eastern part of the country may be less famous as a surf mecca than the western coast, but quality surfing is available on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. The surfing season is usually quite short compared to other areas, and the majority of the waves are the result of tropical storms that start further north in Mexico. Nonetheless, the storm-produced waves are often the biggest ones available in Costa Rica and are popular with experienced surfers.

The surfing focus on the Caribbean coast lies around Puerto Viejo (sometimes known as Salsa Brava). A small but resilient coral reef causes breaks large enough to carry up to two dozen surfers. Situated in Limon Province, Puerto Viejo is a small town with excellent surfing opportunities immediately offshore. Nearby is the town of Westfalia that also enjoys plenty of good breaks but can sometimes become treacherous thanks to riptides and jellyfish infestations.