Playa Dominical Is a Must-see for Surfers in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is world-famous as a surfing mecca. The balmy climate, spectacularly beautiful nature, clean blue water, and steady supply of big swells makes Costa Rica an ideal place to enjoy surfing. And one of the finest surf spots in the country is Playa Dominical.

Located on the Pacific Coast just a short distance from the Manuel Antonio National Park, Playa Dominical is perfectly situated for receiving large tidal swells that break both left and right. Playa Dominical is particularly famous for the speed of its big waves, large swells that rarely drop below waist height.

Playa Dominical is a beach that is roughly one mile long (1.5 km) with number breaks. The shape of the coastline is what creates a steady supply of big barrels. The sandbars give surfing Playa Dominical an engaging “slalom” quality that is immensely enjoyable when surfing one of the area’s signature fast waves.

Furthermore, Playa Dominical is unusual in that it can be surfed during all tides. Hollow breaks start appearing when the tide starts going out, an irresistable challenge to experienced surfers.

Due to the relative remoteness of the beach as well as the challenging breaks, Playa Dominical is relatively uncrowded. This gives surfers of all ability levels plenty of space. Although beginners can benefit from the iconic waves that are consistently produced in Playa Dominical, it is recommended that amateur surfers stay close to shore.

Playa Dominical is fully staffed by lifeguards, making it one of the safer places to surf in Costa Rica. Playa Dominical is Puntarentas Province on the west coast of Costa Rica. The destination can be reached overland from Quepos in about 30 minutes or overland from San Jose in around three hours. It is also close to a national park, several caves, jungle rivers, and waterfalls, making it an ideal base of operations to explore the surrounding nature and its exotic wildlife.

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