Plan a family surf vacation to Costa Rica in 2018

Are you looking for a 2018 vacation to bring your family together? Why not plan a surfing vacation in Costa Rica? You’ll enjoy getting away from the mundane life of computers and phones to explore nature and surf in the beautiful waters of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast.

Costa Rica has been considered a mecca for surfing for many years and the waves are perfect for the beginner, expert, or somewhere in between. Endless Olas Surf Camp is highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn to surf, but we can also give you an authentic Costa Rica experience.

You’ll be able to make this family vacation whatever you’d like it to be. Located just outside of Dominical, this tranquil spot is just right for surfing with uncrowded breaks.
Besides learning to surf, you’ll also be able to enjoy other outdoor adventures and wellness activities. How does having a soothing massage next to gentle crashing waves sound? Or if you like bathing in hot springs, they are just minutes away. Horseback tours are available too. It’s another opportunity to experience family time and to explore the beauty of Costa Rica. By taking an Endless Olas tour, you’ll be one of only a few who actually get to visit some of Costa Rica’s most spectacular and uncrowded beaches.This tour will take you hiking through the jungles where you’ll see some of Costa Rica’s wildlife.

Families also love kayaking or paddle boarding. It’s an excellent way to get exercise, but to also see Costa Rica’s beauty from the water instead of only by land. You’ll see colorful birds and wild animals in their natural habitat among the hidden waterways.

Yoga is always a family favorite. After spending time surfing or exploring Costa Rica, enjoy some rejuvenating time together on the beach. Can you picture an atmosphere more serene?

For the family who loves intense adventure, then you may want to take a white water rafting trip. The close by national park has four rivers offering tours. There’s something so thrilling about braving the rapids! There’s even class IV rapids for the more experienced rafters.

Make your reservations today and pack your bags for an unforgettable Costa Rican family vacation. Endless Olas Surf Camp will be happy assist you in making it the best family vacation ever.