May in Costa Rica

The month of May heralds the beginning of the “low” or off season, making it the perfect time to enjoy fabulous discounts on tours and lodging. Falling at the tail end of the dry season, May is an ideal time to enjoy lots of abundant sunshine and fabulous temperatures.

The Weather in May in Costa Rica

Costa Rica only has two seasons, the dry or “high” season and the “low” or green season. The high season is when huge crowds of tourists come to visit to benefit from clear blue skies and warm temperatures when places like the United States and Canada are in the depths of winter.

The “low” or green season marks a transition to higher precipitation levels while still enjoying great temperatures and plenty of sunshine. May falls at the end of the dry season as the rains, which usually just occur in the early morning or late afternoon, don’t usually arrive until June with truly heavier rains not arriving until October. But because May sits on the sweet spot between the two seasons, you get the benefit of off season prices while still enjoying great dry season weather.

Exactly what to expect in Costa Rica depends on which part of the country you are visiting. Lowland areas and the Pacific coast usually see daytime highs in the low 90s Fahrenheit (32-36 C) in the early part of the month and slightly cooler (by 2-10 degrees Fahrenheit) towards the end of the month when rains start getting heavier. Interior mountainous areas throughout May see temperatures similar to the first four months of the year with daytime highs in the mid to upper 80s Fahrenheit (30-32 C).

The Caribbean coast usually receives the green season rains before the rest of the country. When the rains do come, expect overnight showers and brief downpours during the hottest part of the afternoon.



As more and more visitors are starting to learn about the benefits of visiting Costa Rica during May, it’s a good idea to book ahead to ensure you lock in off season prices at popular hotels and resorts. But even if you want to keep a flexible schedule, it’s still possible to enjoy discounts on tours and lodging in May.

Discounts and Availability

Depending on exactly when the rains begin, most lodges and tour companies begin offering discounts of up to 30%. Be aware, however, that transportation companies don’t usually hew to on/off season prices, so the price of traveling around Costa Rica in May will be the same as any other time of the year.

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