Kids’ Surf Lessons in Costa Rica

Kids' Surf Lessons in Costa Rica

Kids’ Surf Lessons in Costa Rica

If you’re considering coming to Costa Rica with kids, one of the most fun activities that the whole family can enjoy is surfing. Costa Rica is a renowned surf mecca with an excellent variety of small and big waves suitable for kids of all surfing levels. 

The best surf camp in Costa Rica is Endless Olas (“olas” is Spanish for “waves”). Based in the small town of Dominical on the Pacific Coast, Endless Olas has a professional team of experienced local surf pros who will help kids as young as four enjoy the sport of surfing. 

Many parents prefer a Costa Rica surf camp over other activities because of all of the wonderful benefits of surfing. Promoting muscle balance, core strength, and hand-eye coordination, surfing is a healthy and enjoyable outdoor sport. Perhaps best of all, it’s impossible to use a smartphone or tablet when kids are on their surfboards! 

Surfing also gets kids outside and away from the stresses and strains of modern life. Instead of being cooped up indoors, kids who surf in Costa Rica will enjoy bright, golden sunshine and clear, clean waters in some of the most beautiful natural settings on the planet. Surfers also learn to work with one another, and making friends with fellow surfers is also a great way to learn about sharing, teamwork, and cooperation. 

Endless Olas has exclusive access to some of the best surfing spots in the country, including private beaches, river outlets, and fast and slow-moving breaks. With a steady stream of swells, Costa Rica has the right waves for both kids who are experienced surfers as well as first-timers who have never tried to surf before. 

Endless Olas has years of experience in creating tailored surfing instruction for kids. Starting with courses in water safety, learning how to read tides, and advanced wave mechanics, Endless Olas will have your kids up and on their surfboards by the end of the first day. Using video capture, the coaches of Endless Olas will ensure that your kid gets personalized instruction to make the most of their time in the water. 

And, when the surfing is done for the day, Endless Olas has a number of great activities for kids, including practicing Spanish with locals, hikes through a nearby national park, stand-up paddling, playing in a jungle waterfall, and much, much more. 

If your kids want to surf Costa Rica this year, be sure took book your vacation with Endless Olas Surf Camp.