The Best Time to Vacation in Dominical Costa Rica

One of the best surfing locations on the planet are the beaches just offshore of the quiet village of Dominical in Costa Rica’s southwestern Puntarenas Province. These beaches have been blessed with a steady consistency and ideal wave size for surfers of all ability levels. Due to this unique blessing, the beaches offshore of Dominical have become a top destination for amateur surfing enthusiasts and seasoned pros to enjoy this wonderful sport.

To make the most of your surfing experience in Dominical, it’s important to understand the weather in Costa Rica and its southwest Pacific Coast. Located close to the equator, the weather is warm and sunny year round with two seasons: the dry season and the green season. Starting in mid to late December and continuing into April is the dry season when very little rain falls and the days are generally warm and sunny. Humidity during the dry season averages about 75%. The green season begins around mid-April and continues until the end of the year with humidity levels averaging about 90%. Called the green season because of the vibrant and colorful growth of plants during this time of year, most of the rain usually falls at night, keeping days bright and sunny.

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No matter when you visit Costa Rica, you are sure to have a good time and experience plenty of warm, sunny weather. The dry season means less rainfall during the night than the green season but you can expect upwards of 300 sunny days a year in Costa Rica. There is no equivalent of “winter” or cold months, so you’ll never need anything more than a jacket for cooler evenings, but be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen.

Temperatures rarely fluctuate throughout the year. The dry season (roughly December through April) sees highs averaging around 75 F (24 C) with lows rarely dipping below 60 F (15 C). The green season is slightly warmer, with temperatures occasionally peaking above 80 F (27 C) and nights slightly warmer with an average of 63 F (17 C). Due to two different currents that alternate throughout the year, the waters offshore of Costa Rica remain consistently warm and surfers will not need anything beyond a swimsuit or board shorts.

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