Costa Rica in January

Discover why January is one of the best months to visit Costa Rica

January is usually when the coldest winds and deepest snows blanket much of North America, but it’s the perfect month to visit Costa Rica. Visitors can expect to enjoy lots of golden sunshine, balmy temperatures, and a variety of exciting activities and festivals in Costa Rica during January.

What is the Weather Like in Costa Rica in January?

Locals refer to January as the height of “summer” because the entire month enjoys lots of sunshine and balmy temperatures.

National Events/Festivities & Places to Visit

Fiestas de Palmares

Held throughout the first half of the month, this festival features locals dressing up in their best cowboy duds to enjoy music, rodeos, bullfighting, and horse parades.

Santa Cruz Fiestas

The northwest part of the country swells with thousands of pilgrims who make their way to the church in Santa Cruz to give offerings to the Black Christ of Esquipulas.

Copa de Cafe

Held throughout the first week of the month, this sporting event pits the best under-18 tennis players in the world against one another for the prestigious title. Former participants include Roger Federer and Victoria Azarenka.

Pros and Cons of Visiting in January


  • Lots and lots of warm, fabulous weather
  • Little chance of rain to spoil your outdoor fun
  • A great time to meet friendly locals
  • Roads are usually easier to transit
  • You’ll never have to worry about snow, ice, or awful winter weather
  • Tons of exciting festivals, parades, and sporting events


  • Resorts and hotels charge high season rates
  • Can get crowded at times

Top 5 Things to Do in Costa Rica in January

  • a) – Surfing at some of the most beautiful spots on the planet.
  • b) – White Water Rafting through pristine rainforests.
  • c) – Stand Up Paddling (SUP) – One of the hottest new trends in water sports.
  • d) – Visit Manuel Antonio National Park – One of the smallest parks in Costa Rica, but also one of most popular due to its amazingly beautiful nature.
  • e) – Yoga – A great way to connect the body, mind, and spirit in a gorgeous natural setting.

The Bottom Line on January in Costa Rica

Whether you’re coming to marvel at wildlife, enjoy fabulous outdoor adventures, or simply relax on the beach and drink up the warm sun, there’s always plenty to do and see in Costa Rica in the month of January.

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