Costa Rica in August

Although Costa Rica is a more popular tourist destination during the months when it is cold in North America and Europe, the month of August is increasingly becoming a great time to visit this lovely gem of a country.

Whereas August is primarily a month of brutally hot days and strong sun in more temperate latitudes, the month is a transition period in Costa Rica. Serving as a transition between the higher precipitation levels of the green season and the sunnier skies of the dry season, August is a great chance to experience perfect weather in the different landscapes and climates of the country.

Best of all, August is when some of Costa Rica’s best holidays occur, including the religious festivals of La Virgen on August 2 and the highly popular Mother’s Day on August 15.

Weather in Costa Rica in August

Be prepared for weather that can change on a daily basis when you come to Costa Rica in August. On the Caribbean coast, look for increasingly sunny days but be prepared for lingering rain showers in higher elevations. On the Pacific Coast, things generally remain drier than elsewhere in the country, although brief but intense storms can hit overnight.

Things to See and Do in Costa Rica in August

A staunchly Catholic country, Costa Rica is home to dozens of religious festivals. One of the biggest is the annual pilgrim to see La Virgen de los Angeles in the small town of Cartago on August 2. Pilgrims sink to their knees for the final 100 meters of the journey as they approach the famous La Negrita or black statue of the Virgin Mary.

August 15 is Mother’s Day. Unlike the United States where it’s mainly a day of buying sweets and sharing a restaurant meal, Mother’s Day in Costa Rica is a huge national holiday. Banks, schools, and non-essential government offices are closed while every family prepares a large feast and many gifts for the mothers in their lives.

The small town of San Ramon holds a combination religious festival and street party on August 30 as they honor their local saint. 

What to Bring to Costa Rica in August

Since there’s no way of knowing exactly what the weather will bring, be sure to pack a travel umbrella and a lightweight raincoat. Other useful items to bring are sandals that can quickly be dried as well as sunscreen for when the rain clouds clear.

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