Central Pacific Coast

Popular thanks to its easy access from the national capital of San Jose, the Central Pacific Coast region of Costa Rica is a great place to combine surfing with other vacation attractions.

Boca Barranca (literally “Barranca Mouth”) is a beach in this region that enjoys a reliable left-hand break at the river mouth that produces wives over half a mile long. Popular with long board enthusiasts, the nearby beach is quite popular so surfers are encouraged to arrive early to avoid the crowds of sunbathers and fellow surfers.

Another top spot for surfing in this area is Playa Escondida (literally “Hidden Beach”). The beach is private property belonging to a local beach club, so, if you’re not a member, you’ll have to rent a boat or catch a ride to get out to the deeper waters where the best waves are breaking. This beach is ideal when surfing at high tide, so be sure to consult a time table before heading out.

Hermosa Beach (literally “Beautiful Beach”) is a longer finger of land jutting out into the ocean, a unique landmass that produces regular swells. The beach is several miles long, so crowding is usually not an isue. The best breaks occur immediately adjacent to a sandbar with a big tree known locally as the “Almendro,” so be sure to ask a local to help you find it because it is definitely worth attempting.