Surf Camps for Women in Costa Rica

Surf Camps for Women in Costa Rica

Surf Camps for Women in Costa Rica

Oftentimes, surfing is glamorized as a sport for men with incredible videos of men pushing themselves to the limit as they attempt to surf enormous waves. The truth, however, is that surfing is one of the fastest growing sports for women in terms of popularity, and women have been recognized as some of the top athletes in the sport. And there are few places more beautiful and ideally suited for surfing than Costa Rica. 

Here are some great reasons why surfing is a great sport for women: 


Can surfing make you younger? Few sports are better for rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirit than surfing. Being outside in the golden sunshine and the warm waters of Costa Rica is like a spa session and gym workout all rolled into one. 

A Great Workout 

Unlike other sports which rely on brute physical strength, surfing rewards individuals with balance, grace, and agility. Surfing champions know that the key to the sport is not dominating the waves but learning to operate in harmony with the majesty and strength of Mother Nature. 

Self-confidence Boosting 

Even if you’ve never even tried surfing before, you can learn to stand up and ride a wave in just one day. Managing this intricate balancing act and then realizing that yes, you too are now a surfer and a rider of waves is guaranteed to boost your self-confidence. 

It’s Not a Solo Sport 

Despite glamor shots of a rugged surfer alone on a monster wave, surfing is actually a group activity. Surfers form a global community both on and off the water, and the sport is much more about supporting and encouraging your fellow surfers than being a solo rock star. 

One of the best places for women to learn how to surf or improve their surfing skills is the Endless Olas Surf Camp (EO). Eo offers both tailored, individual instruction as well as small group lessons that are designed to teach the basics of surfing as well as advanced techniques. 

Other popular activities organized by EO for visitors include yoga on the beach. Few activities pair so elegantly and holistically as yoga helps you relax, unwind, and become better centered before and after surfing. Other complimentary activities organized by EO include horseback riding, stand-up paddling, whitewater rafting, and sea kayaking. 

If you’re a woman interested in an amazing surf vacation in Costa Rica, choose the Endless Olas Surf Camp.