Don’t Forget These 5 Surfing Essentials

Surfing is one of the healthiest and most enjoyable sports ever devised by humankind. To make sure that your surfing adventure goes smoothly, it’s important to remember a few fundamentals so that you’re ready to catch some waves the moment your feet hit the beach.

Here are 5 surfing essentials you should never forget.


Costa Rica is famous for its beautiful weather and long, sunny days. No matter what your skin tone, be sure to bring a high-quality waterproof sunscreen in order to keep your skin protected from damaging UV rays. We recommend using a small container that can fit into your pocket so that you can easily re-apply sunscreen if you’re out there on the water. That way you don’t have to waste time heading back to the beach.

Surf Wax

As the classic movie said, wax on, wax off! Although you can pick up surf wax in Costa Rica, it’s best to always bring your favorite brand with you. Also, be sure to choose the right formula for the climate that you’re going to surf in so that it won’t melt when you’re out there trying to catch a tasty wave.

Day Bag

It’s understandable that many surfers are so excited about getting in the water that they forget to bring a day bag. Yes, you might also be carrying a larger travel bag with you but a small, portable day bag is a great way to make sure you’ve got all your essential gear with you when you go from car to car, hop on a boat, or move to a different stretch of beach.

Repair Kit

One thing to definitely include in your day bag is a small board repair kit. You never know when your board might get chewed up or dinged, so it’s great to have a way to make some quick repairs. Before investing in a kit, find out what kind of foam your board uses. For surf boards made from EPS blanks, you’ll need epoxy resin. But if your board is made out of polyurethane, you can try either epoxy resin or polyester. Another useful thing to keep in your kit is a repair putty like FCS Instant Repair Putty.

Backup Leash

Nothing stings worse than having a leash break, especially if you don’t have a backup on hand. We recommend throwing in a couple of extra leashes of differing thicknesses to make the most out of the water conditions. Thinner leashes are good for minimizing drag but thicker ones provide more stability with bigger waves. If your leash does break, you’ll be sure glad that you had a back-up leash or two on hand so you can get right back to surfing.

Endless Olas Surf Camp

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With access to some of the best breaks and surfing beaches in Costa Rica, Endless Olas has a staff of local surfing experts that can teach complete beginners how to ride a board or assist seasoned pros how to take their surfing game up to the next level.