Yoga, surfing and outdoor adventures: The Complete Costa Rican Experience

Located just a few hours’ flying time from many major cities in the United States is the tiny oasis of Costa Rica in Central America. With no military or history of industrial production, the nation of Costa Rica has uniquely focused its time, energy and money on preserving peace and nature. Large swathes of the country are protected biospheres home to a staggeringly high percentage of the globe’s insects, mammals, birds, and plants. Because of this strong focus on promoting and protecting bio-diversity, Costa Rica is a true adventurer’s paradise and an outstanding location to enjoy outdoor sports, bird watching, and simply reveling in the many wondrous forms of creation.

The Perfect Setting for Adventure

With breathtakingly beautiful scenery, sunny days, and refreshing breezes, Costa Rica is truly a natural paradise and a great location to enjoy every aspect of the great outdoors. Yoga practitioners can relax and unwind in scenic natural locations, learning to tune in to the inner rhythms of their body and spirit while being inspired by the beauty of nature.

When it comes time for more active adventures, Costa Rica offers exciting options like surfing, zip lining, caving, horseback riding, white-water rafting, rappelling (canyoning) and sea kayaking. Thanks to the confluence of two global ocean currents, the waters on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica are ideal for surfing, blessed with some of the most consistent waves found anywhere on the planet.

With a strongly eco-friendly government policy and dozens of national parks and preserves, activities like surfing, yoga, kayaking, hiking, zip lining and rafting are even more special because they take place in such a powerfully pure and environment.

Endless Olas Surf Camp

The Endless Olas (“olas” is Spanish for “waves”) Surf Camp in Dominical in southwestern Costa Rica offers personalized coaching for surfing beginners and experts. Thanks to their exclusive access to the best surfing spots in the area, Endless Olas allows surfers to practice on exactly the right wave type and size for their skill set.

Endless Olas also offers a variety of complimentary activities to enjoy on dry land. Professional yoga instructors offer daily classes at beautiful natural locations, including on the beach. Another great way to relax and unwind is with a massage on the beach, listening to the gentle crash of the surf. Endless Olas can also arrange for adventures like hiking through the Manuel Antonio National Park, horseback riding, fishing, excursions to natural hot springs, exploring caves, spotting wildlife, playing soccer with locals, learning Spanish, sea kayaking, zip lining through the jungle canopy, and white-water rafting.