Surfing Etiquette: 10 Surf Rules Everyone Should Know

As surfing grows in popularity, more and more people are out there on boards to ride waves, so it’s important to understand and follow some basic rules in order to avoid injuries and accidents.

The following are the 10 surf rules that everyone should know before they get in the water.

1 – Smile and have fun!

There’s no point in being out there in the water if you’re not having fun, so never get to a place where you’re overly focused on perfecting your techniques at the price of having fun. Enjoy yourself and keep it positive!

2 – Don’t drop in

When a number of surfers are lined up for the next wave, don’t try to jump ahead in line. Be patient and wait your turn and you’ll avoid crashing into another surfer and both of you losing that tasty wave.

3 – Understand who has the right of way

Surfing etiquette says that the surfer who is closest to the peak of the wave has priority. If you’re on the shoulder of the wave and another surfer is already riding the wave, yield to the other surfer.

4 – Be smart when paddling out

Never paddle out through rideable waves as you may end up colliding with an incoming surfer. Look for flatter water and paddle around the spots where good waves are coming in.

5 – Never snake

“Snaking” is a surfer term for jumping the line. You’ll cause your fellow surfers to lose their positivity if you’re seen as snaking or stealing their waves.

6 – Sorry is a useful word

Accidents happen to even the best of surfers. If you accidentally find yourself dropping in on another surfer or collide with a leash or board, be responsible and apologize for your actions.

7 – Hang onto your board

Whether you’re the only one in the water that day or the beach is crowded with fellow surfers, always be sure to hang onto your board. If you consistently find that you’re losing your board, scale back to some smaller waves and concentrate on your fundamentals.

8 – Times and patience = quality surfing

There is no such thing as a born surfer. Wise surfers know that it takes a long time to be able to read currents, breaks, and waves before you’re able to master that particular stretch of water.

9 – Always have respect

It’s not just essential to have respect for your fellow surfers but also to respect the environment and the waters in which you are surfing. Your goal should be to leave nothing behind but footprints on the beach when you’re done surfing and to take nothing home with you but memories.

10 – Sharing is caring

Be generous to those around you and you’ll soon find that you will be welcomed into a fraternity of positive, enthusiastic wave riders.

No matter what your experience or surfing ability, even if you are a complete beginner, the Endless Olas Surf Camp can teach you how to enjoy this wonderful sport.