Enjoy the best Costa Rica surfing and outdoor adventures.

Experience the real Costa Rica and its culture.

Stay in a beautiful and tranquil setting.

Make this Costa Rica vacation whatever you want it to be.


Endless Olas Costa Rica Surf Camp is more than the typical surf school. We are based in a location with consistent waves that are perfect for all levels. Our location just outside of Dominical also offers uniquely secluded and uncrowded breaks. We coach surfers of all levels and ages and enable each surfer to live their dream. We are a highly customized camp that can accommodate the desires of each individual including those wishing to enjoy more outdoor adventure and wellness activities in Costa Rica other than surfing. Finally, at Endless Olas Surf Camp you will experience more than exceptional surf coaching but also the authentic Costa Rica culture.









Costa Rica Surfing

Surfing coaching for all-levels.

Costa Rica Surfing All-Inclusive

Surfing coaching for all-levels.

Yoga and Other Activities

We have something for everyone to enjoy. You don’t have to be a surfer to stay with us. Make this vacation whatever you want it to be.

Reasons Endless Olas Surf Camp Is Different

  • Authentic Costa Rica experience – Not just the best waves but also experience the culture and natural sites in Costa Rica. We offer Spanish language classes. Run by a native, etc. We know the secret surfing areas.
  • Beauty and uniqueness of the location within Costa Rica. It is not a touristy area. It is the real Costa Rica at its finest.
  • Highly customized and flexible surfing vacation package. No rigid schedules, no strict arrival days. We can include surfing, yoga, massage and any other outdoor activity desired (such as zip-lining, horseback riding, hiking, white water rafting, sea-kayaking, fishing, etc.) Customers tell us what they want and we individualize each and every package.
  • Secluded surf breaks.

We believe that you have chosen to surf in Costa Rica, of all places, for a reason. Costa Rica not only offers amazing waves but also a unique culture and renowned natural beauty. We want you to experience ALL of the uniqueness that Costa Rica has to offer from the best surf breaks, to the local places and events and of course the unsurpassed splendor of the country. We have carefully arranged a week-long schedule of options that combines solid surf coaching with unique Costa Rican experiences and activities. And, though we have many options for you throughout the week, we recognize that you are on vacation and that this is your chance to get away from your hectic and over-scheduled life. Therefore, we are very laid-back about you choosing to participate in whatever you wish to do throughout the week. This is Costa Rica, after all, and we embrace the tranquil lifestyle. You make this the vacation and stay whatever you want it to be. We customize for each person.

Luis Gatgens, co-founder of the surf camp, was born and raised in Costa Rica. He has surfed at our breaks since he was a young child. He has exceptional knowledge of surf breaks, nature, wildlife and of unique local events. We employ many local instructors, who also possess incredible knowledge of the area, as well as a local chef that will provide you with our finest Costa Rican cuisine.

Nobody wants to surf while battling with other surfers for a wave, right? Our local knowledge ensures that you will be surfing without the crowds that are found at so many breaks around the world these days. This will allow you to solely concentrate on your own surf progression while experiencing the peace and serenity of the ocean and the gorgeous landscape of Costa Rica. We know the best breaks for any given surfer at any given day.

Why Endless Olas Surf Camp Was Created

Endless Olas Surf Camp evolved from the dream of the owners of Manuel Antonio Surf School to provide a more extensive Costa Rica surf experience. We desired to provide our students with the full breadth of our knowledge and capabilities and the daily lessons simply did not give us the time needed to do so. We are passionate about surfing and want to share this passion with others as we coach them to grow and evolve into solid surfers. We also love our Costa Rican culture and wanted the ability to share this culture with the rest of the world. With this in mind we created an all-inclusive, week-long surf camp as the perfect way to share our fervor for surfing and the beauty of Costa Rica.

Luis Gatgens, co-owner and co-founder of Endless Olas Surf Camp, started Manuel Antonio Surf School just over 10 years ago with a vision to share his love for surfing and this surf camp takes his dream to a whole new level. Luis believes that there is a right way to teach people how to surf and has built his business off of this principal. We teach surf theory and mechanics as well as an understanding of the ocean to all of our students. Our instructors/coaches are qualified individuals who are equally passionate about surfing and are trained in water safety and first aid.

For the past 10 years we have helped thousands of students fulfill their dreams to surf. This camp will fulfill even more dreams and at a higher level. We are dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience that will stay with our students forever.

Advantages of Surfing at Our Location

  • Easy access to many varied surf breaks so that we can find the perfect wave for any surfer regardless of the level or the swell and on any given day.
  • Perfect waves for all levels ranging from slow-rolling nice waves perfect for beginners and for intermediate surfers looking to perfect their skills to barrels that can challenge the advanced surfer.
  • Consistent waves all year-round.
  • Left and right waves.
  • Uniquely secluded surf breaks. Unfortunately it is a rarity to find uncrowded waves these days. At Endless Olas Surf Camp we take you to various secluded surf breaks, including a completely uninhabited island, where surfers can focus on enjoying great waves and astonishing beauty in tranquility without any people or distractions.


“An amazing and unforgettable experience. From the minute we were picked up at the airport, Luis and his team at Endless Olas Surf Camp did everything they could to make sure our first visit to Costa Rica was amazing and unforgettable. My cousin and I (both with some prior surfing experience) were looking for a unique way to visit Costa Rica. We found Endless Olas Surf Camp and booked the perfect trip… The surfing was the best!! We went to several different beaches throughout the week based on our skill level and they were very private with amazing waves… I HIGHLY recommend contacting MASS and Endless Olas Surf Camp to find out what they have to offer and to book the best surfing experience ever!” – Samantha

“Authentic Costa Rica. This was the trip of a lifetime. I wouldn’t have wanted to experience Costa Rica any other way. From the moment we arrived in the airport and met Luis and his team, I felt safe and comfortable. The accommodations we were brought to were wonderful…They took us to local, uncrowded spot which were the perfect spots to learn and improve our surfing skills…This was an amazing experience I will never forget and fully intend on returning. Thanks you so much to all who are a part of Endless Olas for making this the trip of a lifetime. I highly recommend them to experience the ultimate, authentic Costa Rican/Pura Vida vacation.” – Megan

“The best surf school that Costa Rica has to offer” – George H“Best experience of my vacation” – Simiren K

“Amazing! Thanks!” – Andrea A

“Had a fantastic time and learned a lot! Love it!” – Colleen M

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